Over the last months many customers have visited our company. Customers from all over the world , like : Sweden, France, Japan and Canada.

From Canada we welcomed the representative of the Builddirect Company, one of the greatest floor selling companies in Canada and the US.

Our 3rd generation representatives, mr Anh Quyen Tran and mrs Lan Anh Nguyen welcomed our customers. To meet their special requirements they worked together with the customers to design and produce the high quality based on the special requirements of this customer.

customer visiting Polytech Floor

Mrs Lan Anh had a discussions with customer

At the meetings in the head office of POLYTECH Floor both mr Anh Quyen Tran and mrs Lan Anh Nguyen talked intensively with the customer about the high quality of the products and the research that has been done over the years and never stopped.

Polytech Floor welcome customers

Mr. Tran Anh Quyen consulting about products with partners

As manufacturer and with a strong and intensive knowledge about designing, which was learned in Italy, POLYTECH Floor is able to design and produce natural flooring products based on individual wishes of the customer. All produced with the high quality our customers are used to.

Customers are visiting Polytech Floor's Factory

Customers are visiting Polytech Floor’s Factory

Customer are checking Polytech Floor Products

Customer are checking Polytech Floor Products

Only when every customer who visited us was more than satisfied about the whole process of designing, producing, packaging and the transport each customer was able to find and delve their own market of sales in their home countries. POLYTECH Floor was happy to be able to make that contribution!

Taking Photograph with customers

Taking Photograph with customers

At the end of a working day the whole staff of POLYTECH Floor who guided the customers around over the visiting days were happy to have their knowledge been spread over the variety of country representatives. POLYTECH Floor products will more and more find their way around the world with the high quality as a standard level.