Natural Wood Flooring brings beauty, warm, convenience and elegance to your house. In long-term benefits, natural wood flooring used time can be up to 30 years. In addition, natural wood flooring also comes in a variety of other benefits such as aesthetic, environmental friendliness and safety for human health as well as simple maintenance. Those benefits make wooden flooring become the dream of many people. People, however, are usually concerned about the cost.

save-investWe are going to doing a few calculations on the cost of investment to your reference to select the best choice for your home to help you have a good comparison.

In terms of investment costs we do a simple cost calculation between Ceramic Floor and Wooden Floor:

Assuming that the room has an area of 12m2.
Ceramic flooring:

  • Cost per m2: approximately 250,000VND/m2
  • Total cost: 250,000 x 12m2 = 3,000,000 VND


Natural wooden flooring:

  • Cost per m2: 500,000 VND
  • Total cost: 500,000 x 12m2 = 6,000,000 VND


Thus, investment costs of Ceramic flooring for a bedroom with an area of 12m2 is higher 2,000,000 VND than Natural Wooden Flooring.

To an ordinary Vietnamese family, 2 million VND is not a high investment. Natural wood floors will make the room look larger, especially for bedroom which has a small area. With natural wood flooring, you can use the entire beautiful wood floor as a bed. You do not need to invest any bed for the bedroom too.

A room that is installed natural wood floor will be nice and simple and just need a simple decoration. Otherwise, you will need to invest much more money for furniture if you use Ceramic flooring.

If you have any questions about natural wooden floor, please feel free to contact us, we are very happy to answer all your questions. Wish you always have perfect selection for your lovely house.