Polytech Floor was established and developed over the past 20 years, specializes in producing Natural Wood Flooring including Solid Wood Flooring and Engineered wood flooring.

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During the years of decade 90, Polytech Floor is one of the first company in Vietnam has been producing and exporting Wood Floor products to development countries in the world.

The main market that the company has regularly supply as: the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, USA.

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Each market is different both demand and requirement, but the most important still quality. To meet that requires, manufacturers to understand the technical such as climate, moisture, area using and have prepare, calculate very carefully.

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Exporting to Spain Market

polytech-floor-introduction (4)Exporting to Japan Market

Spend a long time in fluctuate economy situation, to meet the requirements of the wood floor market, Polytech Floor continuous improvement of the product, so the company always receive trust from customer, until now Polytech Floor has supplied millions square meter to customers.