European and Japan are our main market, the exporting wood floor to these markets continuous. Before we have exporting to Spain, and on 19th July we are continuous exporting to this market for decorative floor.

Usually, early morning container and workers ready for loading.

polytech-floor-exporting-to-spain (10)

Before load on container, first we need put all of handling equipment to container. All of packages will be arranged near container, checking staff will check quantity before load on container. After finished, taken some photos of seal No, Container No to provide export department for making documents or send customer.

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Quickly, safety and exactly be assured by packing department in Polytech Floor. All of steps above lost only 15 minutes.

polytech-floor-exporting-to-spain (6)polytech-floor-exporting-to-spain (9)

Each of them a responsible, all of staff of Polytech Floor try best attention to finish assigned jobs.

polytech-floor-exporting-to-spain (5)polytech-floor-exporting-to-spain (4)polytech-floor-exporting-to-spain (1)

During packing processing, cargos loaded on container checked carefully and take photos all of packages loaded. As seem as immediately after finished, all of information about exporting will be update on Website of Company. The transit time from Ho Chi Minh Port to Spain about 20 days, however customer will updated continuous the journey of cargos. We always make favorites, comfortable for customers that are our guideline in business.