Polytech Floor exporting to Spain

Established in 1993, POLYTECH Floor Co., Ltd is one of the oldest and most respectable manufacturers of wooden flooring in Vietnam. POLYTECH Floor is a third generation company.

We are specialized in producing and exporting various kinds of natural wooden floors of a high quality. A quality that meets International standards as we have shown by delivering all over the world and even more important : our customers keep coming back as they are very satisfied by our guaranteed high quality.

Exports to Spain

Over the last year POLYTECH Floor started her export to customers in Spain. They required not only the high quality, but also a type of flooring which is suitable for a climate with the heavy and sometimes rough weather conditions. POLYTECH recommended the engineered floor as this floor is very suitable for the European types of weather. It is anti-elastic, warpping-proof and very high in her stability.

polytech floor exports to spain

The engineered floor is a floor level made of natural wood, produced in a high quality process with the modern machinery which POLYTECH has.

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The engineered floor is also special designed for large objects , like the hall floor of a hotel lobby. Hall floors have to endure a lot as they are used frequently and so they should be able to stand heavy walking traffic. To meet all the required standards and the high quality POLYTECH Floor controlled all stages of the production and designing process stringent and extremely carefully. The packaging process and the transportation overseas made it necessary to be in charge of this whole process and have it done in the highest quality level on transportation as we are used to do.

The high quality in producing and the high quality in our professionalism at services brought us to this new market in Spain. The good reputation POLYTECH Floor has in countries as UK, France, Italy and Japan was great advertisement for a new country-client as Spain is.

We are honored to are able to deliver.

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