During the visiting and working with Polytech Floor in Vietnam end of May 2013, this is one of the operating to learn advance and modern technical, beside cooperate with Italia partner to make the Wooden Flooring Products with best quality, benefit with healthy, friendly with environment ….

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Italia is the nation with the technical level ancient but modern in Processing Wooden Flooring Industry. And Italia is the top nation in the world for making products diversity, unique about model and best quality. Of course, Italia is the top nation in the world about turnover exporting in wooden products.

Begin of 2012, Mr Anh Quyen Tran who is one of the founders Polytech Floor, have a travel business in Italia to study and finished Master’s course in Processing Wooden Flooring Industry major at Pordenone –Italia.

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Here, he learn from Professor who well-known about design in Italia, and he also pioneered in created products go ahead of its time, high using value; always make strongly consumption in the world. He was named designer of “ageless products” which forever and never not outdate.

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With Professor: Raffaele Campanella, all of knowledge which Mr Anh Quyen Tran has learns from him to help Polytech Floor find private direction, making unique products, and have high using value for both consumer and society.

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Besides, he have learn from other Professor as: Egidio Babuin, who instruct about processing techniques woodworking, how make high quality products, stable and with low cost; and Minuz instruct about marketing….and other Professors in major as: ERB, manage operating…in Wooden Processing Industry.

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One of the activities of Polytech Floor in Italia is learning interaction and find opportunity to cooperate with Italia partners in Wood Processing major.   In addition, Polytech Floor have enjoy Isaloni – Milan Italia trade fair 2012, is one of the biggest trade fair in the world.

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In respect of learning and receptive modern technical of the development countries in the world, Polytech Floor create the own products and have ability to competitive with same line products in international market and supply domestic’s demand.

In the time living, studying and travels business in Italia, Polytech Floor have opportunity to sightseeing scenic and architecture popular in Italia.

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Colosseum was built in the year 80 B.C – scaffold arc shape firstly in Rome. It can accommodate up to 50,000 audiences and more 80 doors…so can get in and get out quickly, acreage is round 2.4 ha.

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Palentino Hill, where associated with ancient Roman legend, because it’s assumed that by two twin brothers Romulus and Rimus after abandoned due to a prophecy has been found in the hills, after years of being fed by the milk of a goat. From then start building the Roman Empire from the hill at the hands of Romulus. From that legend, a symbol of Rome is 2 children suckling a mother goat.

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Works of St. Peter’s Church, this is considered a Church worldwide and are the largest structures involving many of the greatest Italian artists. The decoration, paintings on the walls and ceiling of St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican is considered the greatest works of Western art Renaissance.

The designer and constructor of the church of St. Peter in the Vatican is Michelangelo – a sculptor, architect, artist, and poet famous Italian Renaissance. The style of his designs has an effect strongly to Western art.

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Panthenon is one of the Roman buildings preserved ancient. In the year 126 A.D, this place is seen as the temple of the Roman gods, and since the 7th century, it was seen as the Christian church of the Romans. Panthenon’s gateways have been built as a circle with 3 wide range Corinh original pillars (Greece) by giant stone. The gate opens into a large room built circular concrete arch with the center of the room are open designing. 2000 years after built, the Pantheon dome is still considered a concrete dome has not been consolidated and restored largest in the worlds.

polytech-floor-working-with-italy-partner (6)polytech-floor-working-with-italy-partner (19)polytech-floor-working-with-italy-partner (4)polytech-floor-working-with-italy-partner (2)polytech-floor-working-with-italy-partner (5)Dolomite is a mountainous area located south of the Alps, stretching over an area of ​​90,000Acrewith diverse natural landscapes, exotic. Across the Dolomites, dotted with lush green meadows to the horizon, as in the beautiful village of fairy and the steep slopes are people favorite adventure tourism.