Today, August 10th 2013, Polytech Floor welcomes the Italia Delegation to visit our factory included: Foreign Affairs: Mr Nicola Dragov, Italia Embassy: Mrs Flavia Fabiano, UNIDO: Mr Bertollo Massimiliano, Mr The Doanh Tran. Beside, Mr Hoai Nam To – manager of The Nation Project and Mrs Thanh Tu Nguyen.


The representative of Polytech Floor is Mr Anh Quyen Tran who one of Founder Company. He welcome them with intimately behavior; on behalf of Polytech Floor, he expressed thankful to both Government of Vietnam-Italia and UNIDO about supporting Polytech Floor in training to increase capacity, quality, manage….in wooden flooring processing industry major.


During time of working, Mr Anh Quyen Tran reported all of experience which he studied from Project and successful applied in the Polytech Floor as: Quality, Capacity advanced and stable, especially decrease the waste during processing so that our company can bring to customer the products with best quality and the competition price; besides stable producing in difficult situation, especially at present.


After the visiting and working with our company, experience shared from Mr Anh Quyen Tran, beside visible the successful which Polytech Floor achieved during operating, hearing all of shares and difficulties from Polytech as private and all of small and medium Enterprises in Vietnam general. The Nation Project will research and promotion to 2nd stage deployment to support them develop more in the future and the customers will get the best quality product and the products will have stand in the international market, especially have ability to competitive with the same products in the world.