Privacy Policy


Your privacy is very important to us. We would like you to have only good experiences on the internet. We are trying to give you complete information and be confident when you are using the internet when visiting our website.

Our privacy policy proves to its best that our companies commitment tries to ensure the safety of our customers information. The privacy policy describes also the method of how we collect our users information of the internet including people’s access to our website although the have not created an account.

This policy also explains what we dot with the users information. We advise you to read our policy carefully and with attention.

 How do we collect and use the user information?

When the user access the as they want information about our products or services, we will request them to provide us with personal information, such as: email address, phone-number, and country information.

We guarantee that this user information will never be provided to third parties. The only use of the user information will be done by us for some purposes as described below.

Sharing information

We will provide the user information and customer information to our partners in some cases as described below:

Companies that represent POLYTECHfloor.Co.,Ltd. this representing companies are partners of POLYTECH and they use the information only to be able to fulfill the contract which POLYTECH has with the customer. They are not allowed to provide this information in any other way than it should be necessary to fulfill a contract with POLYTECH.

Subsidiaries and ventures

Our subsidiaries or ventures are organizations that we account for at least 50% of the goal shares.

When we share customers information with our subsidiaries or ventures we have required them to not use any information of our customers to and on behalf of other companies as a promotion or to use the information illegal.

If you do not want to receive any information about our company you can unfollow us at any time. We will still –even after unfollowing- keep our commitment that we don’t share your information with other companies.

Co-brands and partners

We can share customers information with our partner which have a promotion on a co- branded website.

Transfer of business

We have the right to provide our customers information when we sell or transfer totally or partly our company. If our company is going to be sold or transferred we will provide you with another chance to experience new services.

In the cases that we do not provide a new organization cannot provide you continuously with products and services that our company provides or provided.

Law enforcement

We will provide customers information to other organizations without the customers agreement if any of this reasons apply:

Customers agreement

In any other case we will need the customers agreement before sharing their information to our partners

Online shopping

If you use our orders online service , will use your information that you have provided. We do not share this information unless our partners need this info to complete your placed order.

We do not have any control of the use of the customers information by our partners and cannot be held responsible for any misuse.

Online advertising

POLYTECHfloor can display online advertising. We can use general information for this advertising In which we combine information and not share any identified information about our customers visits that we have collected through registration, online surveys or advertising.

We can use customers general information to provide to our advertisement agency as the latter helps us to produce advertisement.

Email reply

When customers sends us an email request, we will reply and store these emails. We do not use these emails for any purpose and will not share email addresses with other companies.


We will do some research once in a while. POLYTECHfloor encourages her customers to take part in these researchers as these provides us important information about our products, services and website.

Customer information and theirs answers are strictly private even as these researches are done by one of our partners.

Customers can join these researches in a strictly voluntary way. Information about joining these researches are in the contact information which will be send together with the research applicable.

We will make a report with the results of the research and will keep every responder in the loop. All these researches will help us to improve our products, services and website.

Auto collect information uses “cookies” to collect information. Cookies are small pieces of data from the website and stored in the users browser while the user is browsing the website. POLYTECH uses cookies for several purposes:


We allow customers to join social platforms such as a forum, chat and live events. To use the services please, provide us with your information so we can invite you to join.

Privacy statement customers information

We apply technical security measures to protect customers information. We have a regulated standard to control and handle our customers information. However, as we try and protect your information, it stays your responsibility to protect your own information as well.


Please contact us if you have any questions about our policies. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Revise policies

We have the right to adjust , edit and modify our policies and terms of use at all time.