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The terms of use of POLYTECH Floor Co., Ltd. are provided by POLYTECH Floor Co., Ltd. If you access our websites it means that you are complying to our terms of use.

These terms might be updated anytime when and if economic circumstances require this. Also when there is a change of policy of the law of Vietnam Requires this. We encourage you to comply and follow our terms of use at anytime.

By accessing you comply to:

You will never undertake any action which effects in any way badly to our website content.

We do not allow you in any way to change the content of our website or deliberately access any part of the website which is not allowed to users. You do not use the website to intervene in the rights of any other party at any circumstances.

To access at some parts of the POLYTECHfloor.com you might be asked to provide some private information. We encourage you to provide this information fully and accurately.

If you provide us with false information we always have the right to deny you the access to our website without any previous warning.

POLYTECHfloor.com only provide information for commercial, non-commercial and personal use of reading as we are providing information about our company, our products and our services. We do not allow you to use our website for any other purpose without our specific written document of consent.

For example: we do not allow you to use our website brand, website templates or any hyperlink without our specific written and signed document of consent.

For co-branding, co-operation to share our domain, or using our branded logo or any of our images that helps our customers to get to know us and our company you should be aware of not using us. You are agreeing to the fact that you do not provide any false information about us which effects us in any negative way.

Our brand, images, use of color, logo, content and information provided on this website belongs to this website and their owners only.

This provided information is exclusive and you are not allowed to use our content with our consent document.

Author rights

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We only allow you to print parts of our website content for your own personal use, learning and reference.

We do not , under any circumstances, allow you to change any images or any content which came from our website at any time.

Polytechfloor.com might have hyperlinks to other websites that do not belong to us in any way. POLYTECH cannot be hold responsible for the content placed on these websites.

Hyperlinks to polytechfloor.com/old/polytechfloor are provided as a service to our users and is not sponsored in any way by POLYTECH Floor Co., Ltd.

We cannot guarantee that the websites who have a hyperlink to polytechfloor.com/old/polytechfloor are available at all times.

We work with you to protect the copyright laws in the world through the noting, posting, translation of the content of comments, demands, ideas, images and news through this website.

We do not require this news about copyright laws as a secret. We use this information on behalf of our business and we cannot take any responsibility for copyright or duplicated content.

We allow our users to re-post the content of polytechfloor.com/old/polytechfloor , but users and other websites have to take in consideration that this content belongs to POLYTECH Floor Co. Ltd., and this content has no meaning of harming any organization or any one at all.

Children’s safety

We highly respect the privacy of our customers and our mission should be a guarantee that we do utmost, within our abilities,  to protect this privacy.

Especially the privacy of children under 18 years of age.

We discourage children to buy our products online without the monitoring and/or consent of their parents or legal representative.